is proud to present for the first time ever in London

the Olympic Champion, 3 Times World Champion and Double European Champion


Date, Time and Venue

Saturday, 21 January 2017

SportsDock, University Of East London, 4-6 University Way, London E16 2RD

Registrations from 9.30am
1st Half: 11am to 1pm
Break: 1pm to 2pm
2nd Half: 2pm to 4pm + time for Photos & Autographs.

All Associations Welcome!

This event also qualifies as a Coaching Revalidation course for BJA coaches but all other coaches and athletes from other Judo Associations are welcome!

*Video Recording of teaching sections not allowed.

To mark the opening of the Club, Palavani Judo Club is organising the first ever Masterclass of Ilias Iliadis in London. This is a high quality, high level masterclass where participants will be presented with the opportunity to witness, learn and practice the techniques used at the top level of Judo. The masterclass will provide a deep insight into the warm up style, training regime, fighting techniques and attitude necessary in Judo.

Who is the masterclass directed to?
The masterclass is directed to athletes aged 10 and above who are already practicing Judo and are looking to advance their skills. All Associations are welcome; participants must provide a current membership licence.

What is the masterclass trying to achieve?
This is not a performance exhibition. Ilias will not be in the middle demonstrating numerous techniques he is using during the fights to amuse the participants. Instead, he will break down techniques throughout the day and analyze them from start to finish. The participants will be required to work specifically on those techniques and practice them under the Ilias’s supervision.

What is the overall purpose?
Education. Ilias will be actively involved in showing, explaining and correcting the participants during their practice. The exercises will be followed by a Question and Answer section where participants can discuss with Ilias anything they would like to know.